Lauz Lanille

I'm LAUZ, Spain COSPLAYER. I like manganime, and other things of cultural Japan. I speak spanish and a little english.

"… it’s just not fair. The host club’s the only thing that made us happy."

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Opinion: Armin was so pathetic, and he desperately needed the character development that he got.
I strongly disagree. I believe that Armin was always, at least underlyingly, just as, if not more, determined and strong as anyone else.
Armin Arlert: first, middle, and last appearances

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  Anonymous said:
QUEEEEEEEEEE sólo tienes 13 ?????? no lo creo pareces mucho mayor que esoooooooo, creía que tenías 24 o algo así

Egh, ¡SÍ! ¡Es que no tengo tengo 13 años! En la antigua publicación lo que pasa es que puse que desde los 13 tengo un libro en mente que yo quiero terminar de escribir algún día, sólo que mi inglés es… muy, muy malo. Así que supongo que me expliqué mal.

Puedes pensar que tengo 13 años, para mí es mejor (?


Thanks for the tag, maha-senpai ♥. And I want to apologize for my delay.This summer I’ve been from one side to another! and when I go into this account I don’t have time to translate all;;! thanks again, an sorry for my english. 


1. I can’t live without coffee..

2. My favorite hobbies are cosplay and role (photography, and writing videomanipulación)

3. my dreams are to go to Japan and get published a book (since I’m 13 I have a story that I always start and never finish).

4. I … since I’m 12 I’ve been writing a book. Although I also have created many stories that I never finished T__T but someday I will publish that book!

5. I’m a nice person but I’m usually distant with everyone. That is, I am someone who is absent most of the time. This means that I have few confidence people.

6. I confess that I often try to appear to have high self-esteem, and I don’t have (my self-esteem is rather normal).

7. My bunny is called Shiro and already has over 3 years! He will have many more lol. When you take good care with a rabbit, he may have more than 7 years.

8. I someday want to work in relation to photo / video. But I know that will never happen.

9. All my friends, my girlfriend and my sister are people who I love very much. And I will always be grateful to people who understand my personality.

10. I have a nasty hobby: I always do many things at once.

wow, 555 already? gifs / pics yumikuri were very successful. Yumikuri rlz *u* Thanks.  I have a meme to answer since longtime. = 3 = I’m so bad with English .. I’ll try to answer now.

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