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I'm LAUZ, Spain COSPLAYER. I like manganime, and other things of cultural Japan. I speak spanish and a bit english.

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thanks for the support ~ Wow! 500 followers, thanks ♥ besides I have only 4 months this blog ;; and I didn’t ordered my theme yet … thank you very much)

Thanks for the 2000 likes too. 


kiss kiss fall in love

I did one of those redraw things featuring my fav official art
As you can see, I drew it line-for-line. They’re like exact copies. Have fun telling apart which one is mine ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


I attended a convention yesterday as Helios from Sailormoon with a complete group (we won the cos contest YAY) and today as Hoozuki with @lauzlanille as Hakutaku. Pics and performance soon :B

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